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Eleni Loukaidou

1st Vice-President

Europe will grow strong only if it stands on the foundations of a strong local and regional governance.

Eleni Loukaidou serves as Deputy Mayor of Nicosia.

She has been a Member of the European Committee of the Regions since 2007

and has become the 1st Vice President of the EPP-CoR Group since January 2015.



She is a Member of the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM).

She sits on the CoR’s CIVEX, COTER and ECON commissions.

Eleni Loukaidou is a member of the EPP-CoR Group Presidency.

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Presidency is made up of the elected President, 1st Vice President and 8 Vice-Presidents.

Its duties are to:

  • ensure implementation of the duties designated by the Group Bureau
  • represent the Group inside and outside the CoR
  • support the President on Group matters,
  • and, in the event of an emergency, take decisions on behalf of the Group

EPP-CoR Vice-Presidents:

Gaetano ARMAO

Vice-President and Regional Minister for Economy of the Region of Sicily