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CoR opinions led by EPP Group rapporteurs:

Recently adopted opinions

October 2019

Better regulation: taking stock and sustaining our commitment

April 2019

Rail sector's potential in delivering EU policy priorities

April 2019

The renewed territorial agenda and community-led local development

January 2019

The African swine fever epidemic and its risks to rural development and the pork market in Europe

by CoR Rapporteur

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January 2019

Sustainable Europe by 2030, follow-up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals: The Paris Agreement on Climate Change

January 2019

Implementing the Paris Agreement through innovative and sustainable energy transition at regional and local level

January 2019

Implementing the Clean Energy Package: National Energy and Climate Plans

December 2018

Recommendations for the successful design of regional development strategies beyond 2020

December 2018

Better communication for Cohesion Policy

by CoR Rapporteur
Adrian Ovidiu TEBAN

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December 2018

Implementation report on public procurement

December 2018

Socioeconomic structural change in Europe's coal regions

November 2018

Active and healthy ageing

by CoR Rapporteur

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November 2018


Opinions in progress

Implementation of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): The regional and local perspective

Brain drain in the EU: addressing the challenge at all levels

Regional and local cooperation with Africa to counteract migration - Robert Zeman

Demographic change: proposals on measuring and tackling its negative effects in the EU regions

by CoR Rapporteur

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Towards sustainable neighbourhoods and small communities

by CoR Rapporteur

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