The issue of copyrights has long been one of the key components in building a truly European Digital Single Market and the opinion combines two proposals by the European Commission – stressing better choice and access to content online and across borders, improving copyright rules on research, education and inclusion of disabled; as well as a fairer and sustainable marketplace for creators and press.

The opinion welcomes the proposed measures concerning the internal market for e-communications designed to speed up dynamic and sustainable growth in all economic sectors and to create jobs, as well as to ensure that copyright rules are modernised in light of the digital revolution and changes in consumer behaviour. It also emphasises the importance of transparency and the publishers’ recognition as right holders.

Achieving a Digital Single Market will foster growth and development in all the regions within all MS since the digital interface does not have any frontiers. Enhanced use of digital technologies can improve citizens’ access to information and culture, while empowering regions and cities to become active in planning and pursuing their own digital strategies. We need to create the right environment and a level playing field for all players in the DSM including addressing the value gap. However DSM can only flourish by providing high-speed, secure and trustworthy infrastructures and services supported by the right regulatory conditions.

Therese Comodini Cachia
Member of the European Parliament

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