The draft opinion aims at highlighting the impact of the digital single market strategy on our society and identifying those measures that could improve economic growth, ensure the modernization of copyright regulation. We must pay attention to ensuring all security requirements at all levels to guarantee the optimal degree of respect for privacy and the protection of personal data in the light of the digital revolution and the changing consumer behaviour. It is also important to support efforts to connect all areas to broadband services and to create tools to help bridge the digital divide, especially at regional and local level, and in this context the Committee of the Regions will pay particular attention to the evolution of the WIFI4EU, which could lead to the development of digital network infrastructures in local communities. Cross-border cyber incidents are currently alarming in their frequency and degree of risk and can generate substantial financial losses, undermining user confidence and causing major damage to the EU economy. To this end, the European Cyber Security Agency is required to regulate and monitor the field and to deal with the prevention and detection of cyber incidents and the response to them. I also think it is important to analyze together the option of recommending and supporting a unified VAT for cross-border online commerce, an initiative that could encourage business activities for businesses, especially SMEs.

Calendar of adoption:

  • exchange of views on 28-29 September 2017
  • first discussion and adoption on 21 November 2017
  • final adoption at the plenary session on 31 January

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