• The proposal for a new European Consensus on Development reflects a
    paradigm-shift in development cooperation under the 2030 Agenda,
    responding to the more complex and interconnected challenges the world
    faces today.
  • The proposal puts forward shared vision and framework for action for all EU
    Institutions and all Member States, with particular emphasis on cross-cutting
    drivers of development, such as gender equality, youth, sustainable energy
    and climate action, investment, migration and mobility.
  • The aim is to increase the credibility, effectiveness and impact of EU
    development policy, based on shared analysis, common strategies, joint
    programming, joint action and improved reporting.
  • The new Consensus should frame all development policy activities of the EU
    and its Member States. An example of this approach is the proposed European
    External Investment Plan which will use Official Development Assistance to
    leverage funding from other sources to generate sustainable growth for the benefit of the poorest.

Now, as we have a common vision of the European development policy until 2030, the revised framework for the EU external cooperation has to follow. Our report puts the SDGs and the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development at the very heart of the European Consensus and calls for further efforts to be made by the EU and its Member States towards joint programming and implementation in order to improve aid effectiveness and promote country ownership of development strategies. It refers also to the central role of development policy in addressing root causes of forced migration, such as state fragility, conflicts, insecurity and marginalisation, poverty and the violation of human rights.

Bogdan WENTA
Member of the European Parliament (EPP/PL)

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