The opinion of the European Committee of the Regions regarding “local and regional incentives to promote healthy and sustainable diets” emphasises the importance of promoting healthy lifestyle, as well as sustainable diet patterns and sustainable production methods of food products in EU.

Since local and regional authorities provide a link between all the stakeholders and at the same time are situated closest to citizens, actions that highlight local and regional incentives to promote healthy and sustainable food choices are crucial. The aim of this opinion is to promote local and regional actions that boost sustainability by promoting short supply chains, planning effective food waste prevention schemes, conducting targeted public information campaigns to raise awareness, and additionally to promote healthier habits by introducing effective action plans on nutrition and physical activity. The rapporteur therefore calls upon local and regional authorities to coordinate by building on partnerships between all the relevant levels of government and stakeholders in this direction.

Adoption timetable:

  • 1st discussion and adoption in NAT on 24 May 2018
  • Final adoption in Plenary session of July 2018

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