The draft opinion prepared by Roberto Pella (IT/EPP), Mayor of Valdengo and Deputy Vice-President of the National Association of Italian Municipalities, argues that sport should be considered as a priority area for EU investment, given that it promotes healthy lifestyle, contributes to integration and social inclusion and accounts for 7.3 million jobs across the EU, especially for youth. It suggests that the EU should develop sport diplomacy to promote European values, introduce guidelines on promoting physical education at school and continue to support a balanced development of inclusive, small-scale “grassroots” sports facilities through the European Structural and Investment Funds.

Adoption timetable:

  • 1st discussion and adoption in SEDEC on 25 June 2018
  • Final adoption in Plenary session of October 2018

With this opinion, the rapporteur aims to:

  • 1st look at both the economic and human dimension of sport for the European Union and local and regional authorities Sport
  • highlight that sport is not a marginal sector, but rather a priority area for EU investment its capacity to contribute to promoting health and healthy lifestyles
  • underline that the role played by sport in the economy and in contemporary society entails significant benefits for local and regional authorities
  • recall the opportunity to propose measures and to adopt practical tools with a view to “Mainstreaming sport into the EU agenda post-2020”
  • encourage a discussion on the appropriateness of establishing a Sports Programme within the next MFF
  • launch a reflection process that translates debate and policy narratives into tangible proposals

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