The proposed directive aims to bring European legislation into line with international treaty obligations, while clarifying the practical, legal and economic data and obligations regarding access to ships in EU ports. Efforts should be made to apply the directive more broadly to all ports in sea basins and neighbouring areas, by means of incentives and rewards and through more extensive programmes of cooperation in waste management, rapporteur Spyridon believes. He further points out that port authorities must continue to have the necessary flexibility in setting port fees and charges.

The opinion welcomes the increased clarity and the regional dimension of waste management by ports in the proposal. However, the rapporteur points out that the additional costs related to implementing the new directive in regional ports may cause an increase in their administrative costs, thereby negatively affecting competitiveness. He is also concerned that limiting the directive to EU ports may restrict the environmental impact and cause further repercussions for competitiveness.

  • Final adoption in Plenary session of October 2018

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