The European Commission proposed to reinforce the European Border and Coast Guard. Under the next EU budget period 2021-2027, a total of €11.3 billion is proposed. According to the rapporteur, there is  a urgent need to strengthen the cooperation with third countries, with a view to ensuring the effective protection of the EU’s external borders and in order to step up significantly the effective return of those not in need of international protection. She believes that the protection of the external borders of the EU is a common interest, that the objectives of the proposed legislation cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States and regional authorities alone, and that the proposal therefore complies with the principle of subsidiarity and proportionality.

The rapporteur stresses the fact that the protection of free movement shall continue to be guaranteed, and expresses a certain concern about the proposal to create a standing corps of up to 10 000 operational staff, as it may result in a possible brain drain and thus place an additional burden on local and regional authorities, especially in frontline regions. Mrs Magyar also points out that these obligations must not endanger the performance of national tasks carried out at the external borders, and therefore proposes a more realistic and gradual establishment of the standing corps.

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