The structural changes in food production, climate change, current sanctions against Russia and increased imports from non-EU countries have increased the price volatility of agricultural products to the harm of farmers.

The high price volatility of agricultural products has a negative impact on industry stakeholders and rural areas as it leads to repeated crises that result in the disappearance of farmers and deterring young people from farming. It is therefore essential to provide better protection for the  producers’ incomes to maintain agriculture across the EU, preserve vibrant rural communities and enable European farmers to contribute to European and global food security.

The opinion highlights that the industry’s self-regulation mechanisms are not effective and an EU-level action is needed to ensure fair buying and selling conditions for European farmers and consumers. The range of risk management tools available to farmers should also be expanded according to the Rapporteur.


It is important for us to ensure a territorial balance in the EU and that our rural areas thrive, therefore we call on a white paper to focus on these issues. We should also invest in research and innovation. I encourage us as European consumers to support local products and short supply chains. And last, but not least, we need to make sure that agriculture remains as a viable option also for our young through proper incentives

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