There is a widespread mistrust and lack of acceptance among the general population with respect to genetically modified organisms, according to the rapporteur, which must be addressed. He therefore proposes to reject the proposed EU regulation as it insufficiently addresses the revision of the GMO authorisation procedure. In his view, the European Commission needs to take on board the social considerations that have been expressed by some Member States during the authorisation procedure rather than solely on the European Food Safety Authority’s risk assessment. Whilst recommending that the proposal for a regulation be rejected, Weinmeister proposes measures to improve the current authorisation procedure namely that at least a qualified majority from the Standing Committee or the Appeal Committee would be necessary to grant a positive decision, better examination of the environmental concerns and a single risk assessment system. Moreover, Member States should be granted the right to adopt decisions at national level to restrict or to ban the use of GMOs in food and feed that are authorised at EU level. Within this context, the CoR opinion calls for steps to be taken to reduce the hurdles for a Member State to impose a ban at national level.


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