Europe is confronted with new challenges, which have a strong impact on young people. The rapporteur therefore welcomes the European Commission’s willingness to make the appropriate changes to policy. Within this context, he insists that ensuring equal opportunities, promoting social integration and improving the competitiveness of young people on the labour market, while fostering active citizenship, non-discrimination and intercultural understanding, should remain the key objectives of youth policy. This is of great relevance to local and regional authorities because in the majority of Member States – where there are national policies on youth matters – LRAs are, to varying degrees, the competent authorities in this area. With reference to the unprecedented terrorist threats facing Europe today, the CoR opinion calls on the European Commission, the Council and the Member States to take all possible measures to increase young people’s safety. Within this context, the rapporteur envisages providing protection for educational establishments, tightening security in places frequented by young people and providing them with training so that they know what to do in an emergency. It also notes that migration must be addressed through various EU policies, but that youth should be a key pillar.


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