• demand concrete EU action to support EU tourist destinations
  • highlight different tourism concepts in regions
  • position the CoR as a partner of EU institutions and regional tourism organisations
  • better use of EGTC and macroregional cooperation for tourism

The importance of European Tourism for local and regional development has been one of the key topics of the European Committee of the Regions in 2016.

To pursue the implementation of the proposals made in the opinion, rapporteur Wagner has established an inter-institutional Tourism Contact Group (TCG) bringing together decision-makers in the European institutions with stakeholders. The group’s object is to keep tourism and related issues high on the EU agenda and actively involve local and regional authorities in the implementation of the opinion.

Tourism is a strong driver of growth and jobs for many EU regions and cities. We need smart investments in skills and actions to preserve and promote our unique cultural and natural heritage and variety of transnational tourism offers to attract international travellers. I encourage thus regions, cities and local authorities to work closer together and make even better use of the available EU funds for development of the competitive tourism sector. Let's do our best together to keep Europe as the world's leading tourism destination!

Elżbieta Bieńkowska
European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

To ensure the competitiveness of European tourism we need to safeguard Schengen and continue working to improve visa facilitation from markets such as China. Secondly, stimulate innovation and the use of technologies among SMES and thirdly, place sustainability at the heart of European tourism policies

Taleb D. Rifai
Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization

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