The role of culture has been recognised as an important aspect in its international setting, as outlined in the joint communication by the European External Action Service and the European Commission, proposing a strategic framework for deeper and more effective international cultural relations as well as a new model for cooperation for increased opportunities, synergies and socio-economic benefits.

The opinion welcomes the communication and appreciates the recognition of culture and cultural heritage as instruments for local and regional development. The European Committee of the Regions should be included in the planning phase and regional and local authorities in the development and implementation of the strands of action and measures. Specific mechanisms for operation and enforcement, measurement tools and objectives and deadlines should also be developed.

Culture is an excellent tool for building bridges in international relations and the grass roots level inter-connectivity between local and regional actors on both sides often helps to foster partnerships and communication. Especially at tumultuous times like these, all levels of government are needed to work together on European diplomacy to ensure not only good cross-border cooperation but also our internal security.

Elmar Brok
Member of the European Parliament

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