The opinion of EPP-CoR member Fernando Lopez Miras, President of the Region of Murcia, on “Digitalisation in the health sector” was unanimously adopted today in NAT Commission meeting.

The opinion focuses on the security and privacy of citizens’ data, the creation of infrastructures for the cross-border exchange of information and the facilitation of secure access to a greater volume of data to advance research. It also supports the European Commission’s elaboration of recommendations for an electronic data exchange format and proposes the creation of the ‘Electronic European Clinical Record’, which allows the cross-border exchange of data in a secure manner and with its own entity.

In all our regions and cities, digital health should be the tool to address the challenge of ageing, sustainability of socio-sanitary systems and also to enable the cross-border exchange of full electronic health records.” said EPP-CoR rapporteur Fernando Lopez Miras.

The Health Minister of Murcia Region, Manuel Villegas, participated at today’s debate and stated that an electronic health system would give tranquillity to the European citizens when moving from one Member State to another.

Villegas said that the demographic changes facing Europe and challenges such as aging and the increase of chronic diseases “carry with them the need to propose new patient-centered, integrated and de-institutionalized healthcare models, and address the problem of sustainability, through digitalization.”


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