“We need a robust and flexible system in place to be able to respond to future pandemics” – Birgitta Sacrédeus, member of Dalarna County Council and European Committee of the Regions Rapporteur for the opinion on a Health Emergency Mechanism for Europe made these remarks during a video conference with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) Director Dr. Andrea Ammon to discuss latest Covid19 developments.

During the meeting Sacrédeus thanked ECDC for the work conducted and said that more resources need to be shifted to the Centre.

From her end Dr. Andrea Ammon said that ECDC was providing support to the European Commission and Member States regarding evolving scientific background on the virus and thus help them to make scientifically informed decisions.

The Health Emergency Mechanism for Europe being proposed will have a number of functions including to update and monitor the pandemic plans of Member States, also focusing on the involvement of all levels of government. Member States and the EU need to undertake a resilience “Health and Emergency response stress test” to assess the preparedness of the EU’s health systems for future challenges.

The opinion will be adopted by the NAT Commission on 18 of June and adoption by the Committee of the Regions is expected in the October Plenary.

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